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Fancy Step Card Tutorial

hello Fellow Crafters!!

Well... its been ages since I last loaded a post... apologies!...the internet connection here has been erratic to say the least... but I have been a busy there have been lots of work done in the interim period... Yesterday I made a fancy step wedding card.. which I loved... now that's rare....LOL.. I am always my own worst critic... OK.. so I loaded it onto the cuttlebugging group on facebook an a few people asked me to do a "how to" for them since many of them are just starting out and wanted to replicate the card.

so here goes...I hope it's simplified enough for you to understand, but if not...please feel free to email me... and I'll try my best to help (

OK so here goes!! 

Firstly picture of the card 


I used a wedding couple as my image. the center die cut is by Spellbinders Card Creator Mystical Embrace (S6-012). 
Circle Sentiment is from Lily of the Valley (LOTV) in the UK.
flowers are ready bough roses and daisies and finally leaves are punched.
If you would like to receive my hand cut template (scanned version) of both layer and base, just email me -


1.       Print template and use it to create your own base by tracing it onto your cardstock.
2.       Cut out your template.
3.       Measure as follows:

3.1   From the left of your template measure 1 ¼” in from both the top and bottom of your template. Do this on the right side as well and draw a pencil line lightly from top to bottom of your page. This makes it easier to measure your score lines later. ( figure 1)
bottom right side of card

bottom left side of card

3.2  from the bottom left end measure a further 1 ¼” up - do this on the right side as well. (figure2)

3.3  from Figure 2 line measure a further 1 1/4" on both sides again (figure 3)

Picture 3

3.4 Lightly draw pencil lines across you page from left to right - this also helps you to be more accurate when scoring your card later. You can always erase them, but accuracy is important if you want your card to be perfectly balanced.

3.5  Measure 4 1/8" from Figure 3 to Figure 4 (this is going to be your cut line later). see picture 3  above

3.6  From figure 3 measure 2 7/8" up and lightly draw a pencil line in the center of your card between pencil lines figure 1- this line should be about 4 3/8" (figure 5).

3.7  Using your score board place your page horizontally on score board. Using those light pencil lines as your guide - score from edge of page (figure 2) to the pencil line (figure 1).

3.8  Score from figure 3 to figure 1 and also score from figure 4 to figure 1.

3.9  score figure 5 between pencil lines figure 1

3.10  using a craft knife and metal ruler - yes metal - I've damaged enough plastic rulers to advise that its best to use a steel ruler - lol - cut from figure 3 to figure 4 as per illustration. Do this on both sides of your card. 

4.  fold your card as follows. 

5.  Hold down the card with the bottom end closest to you. fold figure 4 downward.

6.  Nest fold down figure 5.

7. fold figure 3 upward and finally fold figure 2 downward.

8.  the base of your card is now complete. You may remove all guide pencil lines - use your template to mark our your layer on your patterned paper. This has to be cut about 1/2" smaller than your original template to allow for a small plain border to show. I would create a second template and cut out the various sections to use those individual pieces as a template and resize them manually or just eyeball the layer by cutting it with a pair of scissors.

9.  there is of course a much easier option. If you have an electronic cutter there are loads of free SVG files available on line to cut both the base card and layer. 

I do hope this tutorial was useful - if you have any questions you are most welcome to email me and I'll try my best to help.

as always remember to.......................

Keep it Krafty.........


shamela :-)



  1. Lovely clear instructions. Thank you. What a pretty card.

  2. Oh my word Shamela! That is an incredible card! WOW!
    Helen -- Firenze Cards


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