Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spotlight on Hazel

I am lucky that I have wonderful card making friends thru'out SA and the world who spoil me when my birthday comes around... this card was made by my very good friend Hazel in Secunda... I just loved the colour combination, stamps and the effective use of brads... Thanks Hazel ;p)

Everyone's in on the painting...

We got the whole family involved in painting my new space... thankfully the painting is all done.... and my dearest hubby and son will be laying down the flooring on the weekend... it's certainly taken it's time in getting done, but I am thrilled with the results thus far....
I've decided to post the final pics after opening day... otherwise it wouldn't be a surprise...>vbg<

Monday, April 5, 2010

only painting and flooring required

Renovations... any home owners nightmare... we have added a new garage to our home, which I have neatly ....hijacked in order to use as a show room for my rubber stamps and scrapbook supplies.... I can't get it done fast enough... and even though a long weekend is always welcome... for me, its meant a hold up on the progress of work!!

Fortunately there is not much more needed to be done... I wish it could be bigger, but then it was after all not initially meant to be a show room... so beggars can't be choosy.... its bigger than my current I guess I have to be grateful.... watch this space for pics and my grand opening... now if only I can decide on paint colours......decisions, decisions, decisions........

Jowilna's giving away blog candy

Hello all...

My very talented and inspiring friend is celebrating 10 000  hits on her to take a peek and pssible stand in line to win some of her wonderful giveaways... its always worthwhile stopping by...

Hope you all had a wonderfully blessed Easter weekend.. and are ready for work tomorrow... LOL