Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tim Holtz Tag canvas "friends"

Yesterday was hectic so I didn't have much time to blog. I am leaving for a visit to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina on Sunday and will try to keep you abreast of my travels both here and on Facebook. in the meantime, here are a few pics of my completed canvas. I took it with my iPad sonthey are not top notch quality, but hoping you will get the idea of the finished canvas.

The tags on the canvas was made with Belinda Basson @ a class about two weeks ago.

Until next time

Stamping hugz

Shamela ;-)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sending you a bunch of flowers

It was my friend Lynn's birthday earlier this month so I made her a birthday card with the most gorgeous cling stamp from Penny Black designed by Mo Manning. This girl was so much fun to color. ( I think I have one left on the shelf @ my website is still a work in progress but it is operational so there are still hiccups.

I used my Promarkers, and I think I am slowly getting the hang of using them. It's alot more difficult than I anticipated, one has to have a good grasp of using the right colors together.

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my latest card....I just completed a canvas over the weekend and will try to post pictures soon.

Have a wonderful week.



Friday, March 23, 2012

A work in progress

Hello everyone

It's Friday.....where did this week go....the days are flying by at an alarming rate....Easter is almost upon us. And soon the cold weather will be here. Perfect weather for crafting.

I was rumaging around some of my stash and yes there is about 10yrs worth of stash......and found some painted letters spelling the word "friends".... Found some inspiration.... And this is what I have thus far. Hoping to finish it off tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend



Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pictures of printer as promised

Happy Thursday afternoon everyone

As promised, here are the pics of my printer and the CIS system

I dealt with the most amazingly patient and helpful gentleman called Eduard @ cartridge select in N1 city Mall in Cape Town.

Believe me he is an absolute gem and I would recommend his services to anyone any day.

My printer is an A3 one but for daily family use the A4 should suffice - I just loved the idea of being able to print bigger photos.....LOL.... just me seeing potential to generate an income by printing on canvas, CD's, etc with this baby.

Where in the world is your vagabond

Ok, so I saw on Belinda's blog that sizzix was having a competition for the vagabond. This is my baby.... I love my really is a timesaver and together with my favorite Tim Holtz alterations dies ( which are to die for.....they cut through anything like butter!) you have the perfect combination for creativity.

I was going to give the competition a miss cause my space is in a permanent state of "mess" but thought that all these creative ladies would understand - after all we all make mess it's part of the creative process....LOL.

Anyway, here is my baby....

Have a stampendous day



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A 1st Birthday Gift for Leeya

My grand daughter was recently Invited to a 1st birthday party.

It's always a challenge to buy someone a gift if they really have everything one could possibly imagine.

Of course I am also the sentimental type and when my daughter Wisaal suggested a scrapped frame of the birthday girl we decided that would be a different and special present.

Leeya's mummy was overjoyed with her birthday present

So next time you are stuck for a prezzie....why not make something special. Of course the photos are a breeze now with our new printer and CIS system.

If you are interested in finding out about the CIS system, please feel free to email me and I will put you in touch with the local CISS agent.

Take care all


Shamela :-)

Printing in colour @ a cheaper cost

Hello everyone

I have a new color ink jet printer, now you may wonder what would be so special about an inkjet printer.....well this one prints @ a fraction of a regular inkjet. Have I got your attention now..... LOL..... It works with what is called a "continuous ink supply system" or commonly known as CISS.

I found out about CISS on a stamping group I belong to and honestly I have been searching for a printer but of course, I have pre requisites which are it has to be able to handle up to at least 300gsm card and it had to print cheaply... I have already binned a printer because the ink cartridge exceeded the cost of a new printer.

I was prepared to pay slightly more for a printer with the proviso that the cost of running the machine would be more reasonable than the average printer sold in our regular chain stores. The printers are cheap, but the manufacturer makes their monies on consumables.

Did you know that an average color knk cartridge only has about 3 to 4 teaspoons of ink and @what price? Next time you are shopping for an ink cartridge check out the ml value of ink you are getting for you money.

Anyway back on track, this printer printed 300gsm curious metal card like a dream. I was hooked!

Now the CISS comprises of an ink supply system of 6 x 100ml of ink which supplies your cartridges with ink. Refilling your cartridge only requires the touch of a button and voila! All done. The best news is that a 100ml of replacement ink only costs R100 per refill!

I invested in an Epson 1410 photo printer and believe me this machine prints photos with amazing clarity and quality and of course at a much lower cost than conventional cartridges.

I will add pics of my machine tomorrow but in the is a scrapped pic I did with the photo printed on my new printer.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trying to load with my iPad

Hello everyone

I got an iPad from my dear hubby last year and finally had the time to "google" to figure out why I couldn't load any pics from my iPad.

Now let's see if this works

The pic is Michelle Anders,Lynn Cupido and I @ Belinda Basson's tag making class

Friday, March 2, 2012

What is new from Penny Black

Hello everyone...

I know its been just ages since I last posted on my blog... I have been slogging away at a whole lot of things......time has just been an issue... been taking pics of all my work... but to get it loaded is a whole other story... it doesnt help if your internet connection sucks!!

anyway... I am loading a few pics today of my new arrivals......from Penny Black... as usual the numbers are limited... so mail me ASAP if there is something that catches your eye.