Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pictures of printer as promised

Happy Thursday afternoon everyone

As promised, here are the pics of my printer and the CIS system

I dealt with the most amazingly patient and helpful gentleman called Eduard @ cartridge select in N1 city Mall in Cape Town.

Believe me he is an absolute gem and I would recommend his services to anyone any day.

My printer is an A3 one but for daily family use the A4 should suffice - I just loved the idea of being able to print bigger photos.....LOL.... just me seeing potential to generate an income by printing on canvas, CD's, etc with this baby.

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  1. Picture 2 shows the 6 100ml inks which is utilized to refill ur cartridges. Last pic shows the tubes. The only downfall of this system is that u need to lift the top flap when printing but that is something I can totally live with considering the enormous saving on my printing costs.


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