Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Shadow Box Birthday Card

Hello my Crafting friends

Yes!.... I am back with another project I completed last week.... and the crazy thing is I have always been taking pics, but lacked the time to post them....

Look who found out about Airdrop...LOL.... I am loving the simplicity of it all.

My hubby bought me a MacBook and of course I am a iPhone fanatic, so YAY for me!!

this makes things so much easier to add to my blog..... I am so excited to bring you lots more of my hand made projects .....

I made this card for my sister in law's birthday.... she loved it! and so... I have decided to share it with you all.

The Shadow box templates are available from us, it comes in a set of 3 ( black, white and Kraft) per pack and retails for R120.00 

You are welcome to contact me if you are interested in getting a set or 2.  I am happy to ship across the country.

This is what the package looks like. there are 3 sets all ready cut and scored. All you need to do is add your adhesive, fold and burnish the score lines and assemble.  It's as easy as that. 

the bicycle and inner image is a printable I found on line. 

This little happy birthday die cut just fit perfectly in the gap. cut out in black and added some glossy accents and using the glitter duster bottle from Stampers Anon I added some sheer shimmer.... ❤️ glitter
I also added some paper punched flowers to create window flower box

lots of flowers as embellishments to make is a super special card. and some paper flowers in the bikes basket.

a side view of the card.  I attached the frame to an accompanying 300gsm white card - you will need a fairly firm card to ensure this does not collapse. I always use 235gsm and up for card bases.

and here is the completed card.  I hope you will give this type of card a try... it is really dimensional and makes for a wonderful gift for someone special.

Until next time..... Remember to 

                                              Keep it Krafty


Shamela aka @craftigal

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Celebr8 Mini Album page 4 Flaps

hello everyone

here is the 3rd instalment of the Celebr8 Mini album flaps and flips

you can find the 1st segment here:

and the 2nd one here:

So let's do this:
Page 4 top and bottom flaps:

Cut card to 8 1/4" x 8.5"

in landscape format, Score down the middle at 4" and 4 1/8" and at 8 1/8" at the bottom
flop to portrait and Score the sides at 1/2" 3/4" and at
 7 3/4"

Trim the top right and left side as illustrated above and trim bottom right corner.

Trim left flap as shown 

Cut the bottom of left flap to 6 7/8" x  4"

and cut the left side of the flap to 6" x 3 7/8" and score at 5 3/4"

adhere bottom of flap to main flap as shown below
 Bottom flap attached

Side flap attached

Page 4 bottom flap:

Bottom flap is 7"  wide by the full length of an A4 sheet (11.5"

Score from left to right:
3 5/8" ; 7 1/4" & 11"

These instructions should keep you all busy for a while.... 

I am hoping to do the assembly of the flaps during the course of this week or next weekend.

my daughter has just had her 3rd baby after 9 years and he should be coming home tomorrow or Tuesday... I have no clue what the week holds for us with a newbie in the family.

I am officially a granny of 4 now... 2 girls and 2 boys... nice even number for now...LOL...

so until next time.... 

Remember to.....

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Celebr8 Mini Album Page 5 flaps

hello again

As promised, here are the images for the first set of flaps and closures in my mini album

Page 5 bottom flap.
this is the bottom flap which is added to page 5
cut to 9" x 7`'
scored at 1/2"; 4 1/2" and 8 1/2"

Bottom flap #2:
cut to 8 1/4" x 7"
score at 4" & 4 1/4"

apply adhesive as shown to flap #1.
join the 2 flaps to create a long flap

Page 5 left flap:

cut left flap to 4.5" x 8.5".  score at 1/2" on the right side an 1/2" on bottom as above. Trim corner.
cut 2nd piece to 4" x 9" 
and score at 4 3/4". 

apply adhesive as shown and join the 2 flaps at the bottom to create 1 long flap. the right side adhesive is placed on the underside to be added to your album base later. 

Page 5 right side flap:

Take a full A4 sheet and in landscape format 
Score at 1/2"; 4" & 7.5".
fold 4" score toward the 1/2" line & fold back the 7.5" to create a little booklet.

it should look like this

Cut your sheet to 8"x8"
Score from left to right  at 1/2" and 5/8"; 5" & 5 1/8"
Score the bottom half at 1/4" on both side until the 1st score line as shown above.

cut into the score line to create pocket flap

trim excess on bottom of flap as shown 

You can now add adhesive onto the 2 small 1/4" sides in preparation of creating your pocket.

Page 5 Closure flap:

cut your card to 9 1/4"  x 4 1/4" ( I used an off cut from one of the previous papers)

Score it at 1/2" and 7 1/8"

and thats it .....

you have now completed all the flips and flaps that will be placed on page 5 of your album.

until next time....

Remember to 

Keep it Krafty....


Shamela aka Craftigal

#letscreateart ❤️

Celebr8 Design Team mini album Tutorial 1 ( the base)

hello fellow crafters

I know it's been ages since I last had a chance to post on my blog.... but hopefully this year things are going to be a bit different.

I am in mini album mode and created a special album for a local South African paper company Celebr8 as a design team project. Here is my completed project on the link below 

I am going to add instructions step by step and hope this will make it easier for you to complete.

I have used A4 sheets of 235gsm cardstock in Kraft.  These are available from our store in A4 and 12x12 sheets at a very reasonable cost.

so the height of our album is the height of an A4 sheet (21cm or 8 1/4")

For the base of the album when I refer to A4 and a cut size I mean the height of an A4 ( so we are NOT cutting away from the height only the length ( landscape format)

PAGE 1: This is one full A4 sheet  scored at 5 1/2" & 11"
PAGE 2: full A4 sheet scored at 5 1/2" ; 11" and 11 1/4"

the next sheet is and A4 cut down to 9" (apologies I missed out on the pic here)
Page4:  CUT TO 10.5"
Scored at 1 1/4" and 9 1/14"

PAGE 5: cut A4 down to 10.5"
Score at 1 1/4" & 9 1/4"

Closure flap
  Cut your A4 down to 6.5"
Score at 1 1/4"
you can now die cut the edge of your album if desired.
find the centre of your page ( 10.5cm) and center the die
I add Washi tape to hold the die in place
depending on the size of your die it should look something like this.
I free hand cut the edge on my one.

and it looks something like this

join page 1 and page 2 as shown
then attach page 3 as shown above.
joining at the 1/2" mark
the 1 1/4 inch gap should be on your right

join page 4 as shown above with the 1 1/4 flaps connecting to each other

Join page 5 to page 4. the 1 1/4 inch. lines should line up.
you should now have a very long sheet of joined cards 

Finally add the closure flap to the right side of this long joined card by joining the 1 1/4" pieces together. your die cut should be at the end of this joined card.

This completes the base of your album.

I will post the flaps of the album in 2 separate posts just so it will load easier for those who do not have super fast internet.

until next time...

Remember to

Keep it Krafty

shamela aka craftigal