Sunday, February 24, 2019

Celebr8 Design Team mini album Tutorial 1 ( the base)

hello fellow crafters

I know it's been ages since I last had a chance to post on my blog.... but hopefully this year things are going to be a bit different.

I am in mini album mode and created a special album for a local South African paper company Celebr8 as a design team project. Here is my completed project on the link below 

I am going to add instructions step by step and hope this will make it easier for you to complete.

I have used A4 sheets of 235gsm cardstock in Kraft.  These are available from our store in A4 and 12x12 sheets at a very reasonable cost.

so the height of our album is the height of an A4 sheet (21cm or 8 1/4")

For the base of the album when I refer to A4 and a cut size I mean the height of an A4 ( so we are NOT cutting away from the height only the length ( landscape format)

PAGE 1: This is one full A4 sheet  scored at 5 1/2" & 11"
PAGE 2: full A4 sheet scored at 5 1/2" ; 11" and 11 1/4"

the next sheet is and A4 cut down to 9" (apologies I missed out on the pic here)
Page4:  CUT TO 10.5"
Scored at 1 1/4" and 9 1/14"

PAGE 5: cut A4 down to 10.5"
Score at 1 1/4" & 9 1/4"

Closure flap
  Cut your A4 down to 6.5"
Score at 1 1/4"
you can now die cut the edge of your album if desired.
find the centre of your page ( 10.5cm) and center the die
I add Washi tape to hold the die in place
depending on the size of your die it should look something like this.
I free hand cut the edge on my one.

and it looks something like this

join page 1 and page 2 as shown
then attach page 3 as shown above.
joining at the 1/2" mark
the 1 1/4 inch gap should be on your right

join page 4 as shown above with the 1 1/4 flaps connecting to each other

Join page 5 to page 4. the 1 1/4 inch. lines should line up.
you should now have a very long sheet of joined cards 

Finally add the closure flap to the right side of this long joined card by joining the 1 1/4" pieces together. your die cut should be at the end of this joined card.

This completes the base of your album.

I will post the flaps of the album in 2 separate posts just so it will load easier for those who do not have super fast internet.

until next time...

Remember to

Keep it Krafty

shamela aka craftigal

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