Monday, April 5, 2010

only painting and flooring required

Renovations... any home owners nightmare... we have added a new garage to our home, which I have neatly ....hijacked in order to use as a show room for my rubber stamps and scrapbook supplies.... I can't get it done fast enough... and even though a long weekend is always welcome... for me, its meant a hold up on the progress of work!!

Fortunately there is not much more needed to be done... I wish it could be bigger, but then it was after all not initially meant to be a show room... so beggars can't be choosy.... its bigger than my current I guess I have to be grateful.... watch this space for pics and my grand opening... now if only I can decide on paint colours......decisions, decisions, decisions........

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  1. Oooo a new studio/shop space! How exciting - look forward to the opening. TFS
    Helen -- Firenze Cards


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