Monday, April 16, 2012

A room with a view....or not...,,

Hello bloggers and stampers

Wow, it's been a busy,tiring, yet spiritually rewarding adventure this far.

We have had stumbles and ups and downs but I would so do this again if given another opportunity Inshallah ( God Willing).

Today I decided I had to show you the view from our hotel room. This place is a hive of construction at the moment with new hotels going up all the time and of course the ever expansion of the haram which is the mosque in Mecca where the Kaba is. I believe that it's been found to be the centre of the I guess perhaps that's why there is such an attraction to this place for Muslims all over the world. I just love this diversity, each waqt (prayer time) you have the opportunity to meet another sister from a different part of the world. Even though we don't speak the same language and understanding each other is very difficult, it somehow is amazing that just by knowing some words of Arabic, which we have in common, like Inshallah ( if God so wills) Mubarak (congratulations or something to that effect Lol) we can have a conversation and learn a bit about each other and where we come from. there seems to be a kind of kinship that I haven't experienced travelling to other parts of the world.

The view we have is not spectacular but worth capturing anyway just cause I want to remember it and also would like to share it with you all.

Hope you all have a blessed and spectacular day.

Much love


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