Monday, April 2, 2012

I have arrived in medina

Hello fellow crafters.... We have finally arrived in Medina. We left South Africa on Sunday evening and have need travelling non stop since then.

Travelling through this part of the world requires lots of patience or (Sabr) as it is known in Arabic.

We arrived in Dubai and had to rush through customs checks where you are required to remove all shoes, jewellery, belts etc. Of course not speaking the language is a stumbling block, but fortunately there are English speaking people around and my brother in law understands and speaks the language a bit.

We are in desperate need of a shower and sleep.... but have been patiently waiting to be issued keys to our rooms

Will hopefully post pics of our rooms and the place as soon as I ha e some time.

Keep well all




  1. So nice to hear from you and see what you are up to. Glad to hear you have arrived safely. Salaamat Travel xx

  2. Slam dear,
    Great to read this, Please remember one thing if you are going to visit the Holy Tomb of Prophet Muhammad(SAWW)...
    Please pray for me there..!
    I will really appreciate..
    Jazak Allah


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