Monday, April 23, 2012

Amman Jordan

We have left Saudi Arabia after spending one night in Jeddah at the Red Sea Palace Hotel.

Wow.... Breakfast was a feast of new and different beautifully presented foods.... As luck would have it for all the days our driver has collected us....he has been late.... This morning he is early... So breakfast was a rushed affair of which none of us were impressed.

The hotel in Jeddah is an old hotel, bit the staff aim to please which was delightful and the cherry on top, most of them spoke and understood English so we could communicate effectively.

I am now sitting in our hotel room in Amman, Jordan. About a 2 hr flight from Jeddah. The drive from the airport proved to be mostly desert with an attempt at farming in large tent like structures not uncommon in South Africa. Also, lots of fruit - think they were strawberries being sold along the roadside. Also veggies like carrots, tomatoes and olives. Fortunately it's only about 25 degrees so we feel blessed with cooler weather.... Having experienced 29 to 33 degrees @ 4 am and soaring temps of 37 to 39 during the day in Mecca. At final Prayer for the day.... Which commenced at 20h10 the stone outside the mosque in Mecca stilled burned your feet. This is an indication of how hot it is here. The sun would have set at 18h40 and the stone was still hot!

Anyway this hotel is not the 5 stars we are used to, but it's close to where we want to be for the next part of our travels. I will tell more when we get back Inshallah (God willing).

Meanwhile this is the view from my hotel room.

Will post pics of hotel lobby if I get the chance.

Really missing home right now.... And I haven't scrapped or stamped in almost a month having withdrawal symptoms big time. Looking forward to going to Spier in May for the mixed media event-I am sure this will cure my ails .....LOL.

Have a wonderful week.



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