Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It feels so surreal being here

The last time Shafeek and I were here was in 1999 - 13 years ago.... amazing how developed this place has become

That old world charm has been somewhat lost with skyscrapers and more developments, but set foot in the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) mosque and you feel a sense of tranquility and peace.

I was quite emotional just sitting there absorbing all the sights and sounds. It is so unreal, I am so eternally grateful to have been granted another opportunity to make this journey and pray that this is not my last. I know that sounds greedy, but once you have been here once, there seems to be a magnetic force which draws you here again.

It has always been a wish of mine to be here and share this wonderful place with my parents and family. I am here with my husbands brothers and sister so maybe in a way my wish has been granted, perhaps I should have been more specific when I wished it .... LOL...

That's it for now, hope to post some pics later

Have a wonderful day further



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