Thursday, August 9, 2012

Today's project

hello All

just a quick post... so I didn't have the time to actually make a card today, but I was constructive..

I finally managed to print and fill out my ProMarker colour chart.. and I must admit.. it makes it alot easier to choose colours if you have a colour chart... the only down side as I see it.. is that I realised I am still short of so many colours... LOL...

The other item I managed to finish was to colour in an image... which will hopefully be transformed into a card tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great Friday.

Until next time...




  1. This is so fun and cute! Awesome job girl!

    1. Thanks Christine I found with the colour chart its easier to choose my colours - so hoping this will improve my colouring skills - alcohol markers are a lot more difficult to use than I imagined!
      Tx for stopping by


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