Monday, October 12, 2009

Hello everyone - Happy Monday

Hi all

Well another Monday on its way... I am soo behind with ATC swaps...waiting for the last minute and all ( serves me right.. i went to the kite festival yesterday instead of stamp...... my son in law was performing - he sings and writes music.. so you may hear him on the radio one of these days)  to top things all.... I decided to touch the hot handle of one of my pots... thought I was being smart ... getting the dinner out of the way early.. so DH can be happy for a change... we eat way to late at night... OK.. there are more important things to do than cook and clean you know.. .LOL....unfortuantely..... my right hand's fingers ... are tender and sensitive... and as per usual.. have a swap due on Wednesday... >vbg<... never mind... I guess we'll work thru the pain... and hopefully come up with something inspiring...  keep a look out...

 I still  need photos to finish the few scrapbook convention layouts... and as soon as I have found "the right pictures" I'll upload them... I am also anxiously waiting for my vintage Love Moo's to arrive... will hopefully collect them today... according to the ladies of my stamping group they are simply gorgeous... so will load as soon as I have them in hand

have a wonderful day...

from a strange... rainy, cloudy, yet still warm day in Cape Town..
shamela ;p)

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  1. Hi! I am french and i like your blog. I invit you to my ATC SWAP here :
    I hope you will be with us!
    Have a nice day
    Mama from France


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