Friday, October 10, 2014

Onesie baby mini album

Hello, hello, hello

I hope everyone had a fabulous WCMD....I had a fantastic time with my crafting friends....wish we could do it more than once a year!

Yesterday we had a marathon 5 hour scrapbook class making this onesie album. Michelle and I had to call it a day so she went home to add extra finishing touches, but it came out a treat with lots of flaps and pockets for journalling cards and photos.

This is the cover. It has a photo  mat in the pocket for baby's first photo.
The bling still needs to go into the centre of the flowers.

Page 2 and 3. Princess tag flaps open to the left revealing an information card for date of birth, weight, etc.
The heart page flaps open to the right and also features a pocket on top of it for additional photo mats
That's the flap open..ready for photos to be added
Left page has a belly band for a yellow and lilac photo mat and an additional pocket for the small photo mat which has a teddy bear on the front. Yellow  page is plain.
Another two pages with just paper and embellishments, no additional pockets just some adorable tiny buttons on the top.
Princess page has a pocket for photo mats and the scalloped circle is only taped 3/4 way that holds a booklet and 2 tags. Purple page has a pocket for tags and photo mats.
Booklet outside of the pocket.
This project is fabulous because you get to use up every bit of pockets and photo mats. The pocket on the pink onesie also flaps open for more photo space.
The pink floral flap has 2 inner flaps as well so it can hold up to 7 photos. Purple page is just decorated - photos can be added here.

The carriage is also a flap to the left

Both pages have pockets with two booklets for more picture storage or journalling.
These pockets can actually hold more photo mats.

Both floral pages flip up revealing extra pockets for storage and a photo below.
Flaps down, with also a small pocket on the front for small tags or passport sized photos.

And that's it....

Hope you have a wonderful crafting weekend...

Remember to.........

                            Keep it krafty

                                                            Shamela 😃

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