Thursday, October 31, 2013

Baby Concertina Album

hello everyone

After a few lovely sunny days... the rain has come to visit... and those jumpers, socks and caps are out once again... yesterday my sister in law was looking for a quick idea to make 12 mini albums as gifts for matriculants who are finishing off their high school career here is South Africa.

The conventional mini album would take much too long so we came up with a concertina album.. which can be stored as well as used as a display unit.. which is pretty cool.  I have been dying to try one of these for ages, but have so many other chores which take prefererance that it was always put on the back burner.

Yesterday I sat down and worked out the dimensions for her so she could go home and make those 12 albums... lol.. rather her than me.

I decided to make a baby one as I owe someone a baby album and thought this would be a perfect time to try out a few flip out pages and flaps in this concertina album idea... needless to say the house is a mess cause I've been busy with an

here we go... quite a few pics.. so sorry for the picture heavy post.

Here you can see the concertina open 

this is the other side of the concertine... whats nice about this idea is that it is double sided... 

the cover

the inside over and a space for baby's first scan
the baby shower striped page flaps open to the left so you have space for 2 photos on the inside as well as a tag tucked into the top of the striped paper for journalling

the page with the flap open, you can see the tag tucked away behind the layer of paper.

the tag out of its pocket.

this is the next page, it has a small pocket with 3 tags for memories... you can add a picture behind the tags as well as a small picture on top of the pocket.
the page on the right flaps out to the right as well.
here it is with the flap open. You can add additional pockets or layers for your photos here.

the back of the concertina.
and on the other side of the concertina is......

space for more photos. the page on the right flaps open to the right as well and the little journally card also flaps upward. The paper clip holds these pages together... I just added a flower button as an accent to make it look a bit pretty..

here is the small journal tag flapped up.

the larger flap open. As you can see instead of one picture on this page, you can now have at least 2 pictures as well as a photo on the front and there is still place for your journalling on the small tag.

the last page with a small flap on the left.

here with the flap open. I always tend to use double sided paper for my flip flap pages... this way I know I can enjoy both sides of the paper.... I know many people find it hard to stick down double sided paper cause it feels like you are losing out on the other

concertina standing upright.

Hope you enjoyed viewing my latest creation.

Have a wonderful weekend ... coming up soon..... and remember... to.......

Keep it Krafty.......


Shamela :-)


  1. WOW, this is really great, Shamela!! I think I'll have to do one myself!! This is a great gift!! (glad I don't have to do 12 of them!!!)

  2. This looks so kwaai! please do a class?

  3. Oh that's so lovely! TFS
    Helen -- Firenze Cards

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  5. What an adorable little album, Shamela - a real heirloom!

    Thank you for your very kind words about my Dad's passing - I really appreciate it. Only a week or so ago the last thing I wanted was to watch him die, but as the time approached, I realised that it was exactly what I did want - not for me, but for him to know that I was there with him and he didn't have to die alone. We were very close and I felt the bond right up to the end - he was looking right into my eyes, and although he never spoke, I know he could hear everything I said to him.

    You are so right about being fortunate to have had him in my life for so long. 60 years, in fact! I feel very much for those who lose beloved parents before their time, and they are deprived of all that I was privileged to have. This is definitely something worth mentioning!

    Thank you again - so much appreciated!



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