Tuesday, November 20, 2012

50th Birthday card

Hello fellow Crafters

What a lovely cool Cape Town day. I had to get up extra early today to finish this card for collection this morning.

Sat with the elements yesterday but just had no Mojo or inspiration.

A4 cards are such a large canvas to work with so it always gives me grief, but the client who ordered the card seemed happy so I am too.

A few Quick pics taken with iPad.

Have a fab day
Shamela :-)


  1. Hi Shamela. Today is a nice cool day in George as well; lovely soft rain falling outside!! (Think I'll have to make some soup for supper!)
    Wow, an A4 card - now that is a real challenge hey. I have never made such a huge card - in fact I doubt if I will be able to make anything as special as your one! Great job!!
    Happy crafting! Hugz.

    1. HI Petra
      thanks for always stopping by and leaving me some positive reinforcement.

      Dont sell yourself short... your cards are gorgeous... you have a wonderfully unique style.. which I wish I had...

      from a cold, wet and windy cape town


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