Monday, November 16, 2009

I've been published!!

My friend Michelle hosted this swap and she was kind enough to provide me with a picture... yeah.. comes from doing things at the last minute... I quite forgot to scan or photograph my design... well the good news is that my card was published in our local "craftwise" magazine... I have been on a roll... been published in each publication of Craftwise for this year... LOL... my husband seems to think I have a hand in getting my designs in... he couldn't be more wrong.. I don't even submit them... i participate in our stamp group swaps and the hostess usually requests an additional copy for publication... whilst I know there is a possibility that it will be published.. the onus remains on the editor to decide which cards. ATC or Moo he is going to use...

The stamps used all come from Paper Inspirations its a similar idea to something I saw somewhere... except that I used my cuttle bug to emboss the gold layer.. on completion of the card I found that something was missing.. and finally made my own little wreath with pipe cleaners and a little bell. btw... the bow was a nightmare to make.. I think its the smallest bow i've ever made with my bow maker....Joys of the season was stamped onto some beige coloured vellum..and voila... all done...


  1. Wow! way to go!!!! That is awesome Congrats!
    Way pretty card!

  2. Congrats Shamela! It's a lovely card.
    Firenze Cards


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