Thursday, June 23, 2011

Z is for Zulu Pots

Hello everyone.... finally having a moment to add the pic of my Z is for Zulu pots... 

A quick indication of how I did this one... I stamped the Zulu Pots onto black reindeer card with Versa black ink and embossed it with clear embossing powder, this allowed me to bleach the insides of the pot thus achieving this shaded effect on the black card.  It took some time, but I cut out the pots individually and raised them onto my background with foam double sided tape.

The base card is a lovely dark beige Isikumba textured card which much to my dismay was discontinued by the supplier... I layered a mottled scrapbook paper on which i stamped a small map of Africa, a little Zulu boy stirring a pot, the sun and the prayer for Africa.
I stickled the sun and layered the pots with some dried leaves which I received in a bouquet.... I saw these in the bouquet and realised that once dried I could use them on cards... and loved the overall look it gave my ATC.

thanks for stopping by.... its freezing and raining in Cape Town... so I hope the weather is much better in your part of the world...

chat soon
shamela ;p)


  1. Shamela...these ATC's are stunning! I love all of the layering of techniques and texture. ;D


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