Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's better than a farewell card at retirement???

So what do you give a man who has everything as a farewell gift upon retirement. I was asked to make a multi paged card and asked the ladies whether they wouldn't prefer a life long momento in the form of a memories book. Something that the gentleman could cherish and hold onto forever....

this is what I came up with.......

this is the cover of the farewell book. I used scrapbook paper to cover the front and added some braid to the side. the wording were all embossed with gold foiling and stamped with a scroll
stamped image in brown.

On the inside cover  a note foiled in gold from the staff personalising the book

Because I hand made the book from scratch, I could decide on page color number of pages, etc. I used black pages throughout the book to give it the feel of an old album. On the opening page I stamped and embossed the words "happy memories" & "remember..."   in gold .  I also stamped a corner flourish in gold and embossed it.  The first 2 pictures are one of the client as a young boy. The other was one with his late father and brothers. Dates were provided and added below the photo to ensure that those memories are always remembered.

the second page covers a few dates throughout his life, including wedding day, 1st baby and 1st car!. I used gold corner stickers to keep to the initial gold and black theme.

this page covered a few memories at work & home

More 2010 memories in pictures

full page view of the final personal page with his picture alone as he is today. I stamped a background word stamp in versa watemark ink and used my Perfect pearls to highlight the background. Unfortunately the camera could not pick it up really well. But it gave off a lovely background which illuminated in different colors as the light caught it.
This is a close up of the final page of his pictures...  having read the wishes from the 70 members of staff.... I realised that he was like a father to them, always there to help and listen..... .hence the stamped background...I thought it was suitable... and they loved it!!

Finally I added a picture of each department with a gold foil embossed heading and of course not forgetting the list of names of people in the picture... to ensure that everyone on the photo is accounted for.
I had issued each person a little card with their name in gold foil prior to making the book. Here they were given the opportunity to write a short farewell note.  After each department's picture I added their farewell messages in alphabetical order - just to be fair ;p)

I hope you enjoyed browsing through my farewell hand made book. I have heard back and it was hugely appreciated. A farewell and thank you memory which will last a life time... so much more value than a multiple paged card would have been.


have a wonderful day!!


shamela ;p)



  2. THANKS SHIREEN.....appreciate your feedback ;p)

  3. wow Shamela it came out fantastic! I love the foiling:)


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