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3D Canvas Scrapped Frame as appeared in Scrap Affairs

Hi All

I recently had an article published in our local Scrap Affairs magazine.... however... a single page for the article was just not enough for detailed notes... so I've decided to provide those who are keen to replicate this project with detailed notes and photos to help you along....

Its a picture heavy post so please be warned... I tend to ramble... LOL

here we go:

this is a picture of the finished layout.

Please read instructions carefully prior to cutting and tearing your paper to ensure you have all the elements you need from each page of scrapbook paper.

 1.     1 x frame 60cm x 30 cm frame excluding the glass (I used one where the glass had broken so I         repurposed it). 

 2.      2 x 6x6” box canvasses (you can use stretch canvas as well which is slightly thinner)

 3.     1 x 4 x 6” box canvas

 4.    1 x SC snapshots LC- Family Frame

 5.     2x 12x12” Simple stories Legacy #5716 Dark Wood/Newsprin
         1x 12x12” Simple Stories Legacy # 5712 Vertical Journaling Card Elements
         1x12x12” simple Stories Legacy # 5712 4x4 quote and 6x8 Photo mat elements
               1 x 12 x 12” Simple stories legacy # 5714 2x12 & 4x12 elements
               1x 12x12” simple Stories # 5715 6x12 Elements

    6.    Gel Medium, Gesso, Textured paste & Glossy Accents.
     7.   Tim Holtz Distress glitter: Picked Raspberry & Peacock feathers (other ultra fine glitter in                 yellow and pink)

     8.     Tissue Paper – regular ones you find in your gift bags

     9.    Dylusions Sprays: funky Fuchsia & Pure Sunshine
    10.    Adirondack colorwash Spray: Stream

      11.    Vintage Photo & Fired Brick Distress ink & tool

     12.  Scissors for fussy cutting

     13.  Tim Holtz Ideology Tissue Wrap - Melange

     14.    Double sided tape & Mini Misters

    15.    Tim Holtz Dies: #657482 Alphabetical, #657824 tattered flower garland & #659575                          butterfly   Frenzy; #657837 Wordplay

    16.     Brick Stencil ( I used TCW 6x6 Template)

    17.    A4 sheet of chipboard  (to cut out title and a # 3 for canvas 1)

    18.     Heart dies ( Spellbinders nestibilities or similar)

    19.  Punched or electronic die cut leaves in various sizes

    20.  Small flowers of your choice + craft knife and self healing mat.


Background: (working directly on the hardboard of your frame)

       1.      Start by applying a generous even amount of gel medium to the base and carefully place down         your background paper # 5716 onto your hardboard with the Newsprint facing up. Gel                       medium can be very forgiving so if it is skew you have a few minutes to carefully remove and         place down again. Be sure to apply a sufficient even amount of gel medium to avoid 
             bubbles from occurring.

      2.      Apply a top coat of gel medium to seal down your paper.
             3.       Using your stencil create a background over your scrapbook paper with texture paste. Leave              overnight to dry.

        Canvas 1: 6x6 (1 photo 10x15cm)

        1.     Apply creased tissue paper onto your canvas with gel medium. Apply a coat of gel medium               over the top as well.

       2.     Mix a diluted solution of your funky fuchsia in a mini mister bottle (solution 3 squirts of                    Dylusions into mini mister bottle and fill with water) do the same for the pure 
               sunshine and the Adirondack stream.

        3.     Spray this diluted mixture over your canvas and allow this to dry.
                At this stage I applied a watered down solution of gesso to allow further application of inks                to my canvas

       4.        Using your distress tool apply some vintage photo distress ink over your creased tissue paper          to highlight the ridges of the paper.

      5.        I stamped a few random images to create additional background. (I used Hero Arts H2365                 Old French writing and Stampers Anonymous Mixed Media CMS125 – ###lines)

.     6.   Cut the script portion of page #5715 into a triangle which will fit onto your 6x6 canvas. (about:         top 13cm x side 14.5cm and 3rd inner edge 19cm) Distress using Tim Holtz Tonic paper                   distresser and ink the edges with vintage photo distress ink.

7.   Glue down on the right hand side of your canvas with glossy accents.

8.    From page #5712 cut out the word documented and fussy cut out the frame on the bottom left            hand side of the sheet.

9.     Use a craft knife and self healing mat to cut out the centre of the frame – make sure your photo        fits nicely underneath. Lightly distress the edge with your distress tool and edge with
     vintage photo distress ink. Apply double sided foam tape to the edges to ensure
     it is raised once placed above your photo.

10.  Glue down your photo (I cropped my photo to about 10.5 x 8cm) and layer your frame over it.

11    Cut down word ‘documented’ to size and adhere to left side of your frame.
        It should just fit under the foam taped frame.

12.  I used my Wordplay die to cut out the number 3 from chipboard and used the alphabetical die         to cut out the word ‘generations’ from left over bits of scrapbook paper. I also cut out the word      ‘Family’ on my electronic die cutter using Candlescript font.

13.  Added glossy accents to the word ‘Family’ and the number 3 and applied Distress glitter in               Picked Raspberry. Allow to dry.

14.   I added a selection of clock rub Ons (I added one to cardstock for extra strength and added               some glossy accents to the centre of the watch.) refer to photo for placement. You could also           use some rubber stamps to add extra finishes. Finally I added some flowers and punched leaves       to the top left side to finish.

Canvas 2: 4x6 (1 photo 10x15cm)

1.   Apply a torn piece of Tim Holtz Tissue Wrap (Melange) to top right hand side of canvas using            gel medium. Allow to dry

2.     Fussy cut out the tree on page #5712 and apply to right side of canvas with gel medium. Allow          to dry.

3.     Spray canvas with diluted mix of your Dylusions funky fuchsia & pure sunshine and your                 diluted Adirondack Stream. Allow to dry.

4.     Tear the word ‘family’ and cut out the words ‘we all grow in different directions like branches          on a tree yet our roots remain as one’ as per illustration and edge with vintage photo and picked      raspberry distress ink.

5.    Fussy cut the flowers and word ‘treasured memories’ from page # 5713 and edge with vintage          photo distress ink.  I chose to fussy cut the top of my photo because the background didn’t suit        my design.

6.    Adhere photo ensuring you have enough room for your quote on the side.

7.  Stick the flowers and wording ‘treasured memories’ down on the bottom left of your canvas              overlapping your photo slightly

8.  Cut out flowers from the off cuts of your left over scrapbook papers with the Tattered flower            garland die.
9.   Spray them all with your diluted funky fuchsia and pure sunshine spray and allow to dry. Once        dry apply gel medium to both sides of your flowers, layer and shape them as shown. You can            add a bit of bling to the centre of your flowers

10.   Add a coat of glossy accents to the word ‘family and your quote’ to highlight them.

11.    Finally add a few smaller flowers and foliage as well as some embossed/ glittered butterflies to         finish. (I cut the butterflies on white cardstock, embossed them, sprayed with my mix of                   diluted sprays and added some iridescent glitter) refer to photo for placement.

Canvas 3: 6x6 (2 photos sized 6x5cm and 1 photo 10x15cm)

1.  As for canvas #1 apply creased tissue paper to base of canvas using your gel medium. Allow to        dry.

2.    Spray with your diluted inks and once dry apply some vintage photo distress ink to the creases.

3.   Cut out the clock from # 5712 and edge with vintage photo distress ink.

4.  1.     Cut out ‘love’ square from bottom right side of page # 5713. Tear the word love and 3 bits of     off cuts from your scrapbook paper to add as elements to your background. Distress all edges           with vintage photo distress ink.  

5.   Cut out the word ‘family’ from page # 5714 and distress edges using vintage photo distress ink.
      Apply to canvas with gel medium as shown – refer to photo for placement  

6.    Apply a very thin layer of watered down gesso to mute the bright colours slightly.
             Cut out wording ‘this is what matters most’ from page # 5713.  I also used the heart on next to         the quote and die cut it slightly smaller with a heart die and then cut a smaller heart from the             centre creating 2 hearts.  

7.     I fussy cut my photo here as well so that more of the background could show. Placed my photos       as shown and added my 2 hearts to the bottom right hand side of the canvas with glossy                   accents.    Refer to photo for wording placement.
              To finish I added some flowers and foliage and added the word family (cut on my electronic             cutter and filled with glossy accents and picked raspberry distress glitter).

Title Frame:

       1.     Cut your photos to fit inside your frame. I am lucky to be able to print my own pictures to size.
       2.     Using your electronic die cutter cut out your words (I used: quirky, fun and cousins) to fit on            the sides of your frame as shown. 

3.    Glue down using glossy accents. I use a long needle or toothpick to apply glossy accents to               small areas.

4.  Apply glossy accents to the top and if desired cover with glitter. (I used distress glitter in                  peacock feathers and picked Raspberry and pink and yellow ultra fine glitter from my stash)            those colours blended best with my photo. I added these because the frame seemed rather a bit           on the dull side. This is purely by choice.
       .     I also added glossy accents to the inside of the wording Family and covered with picked                    raspberry distress glitter.

     5.      For the title: FUN PHOTO SHOOT – I cut out my letters in chipboard with my Tim Holtz                Wordplay Die (this is a steel rule die and is able to cut most thicker mediums)..     Use direct to           paper method to apply picked raspberry and peacock feathers distress ink (see photo) and apply      a generous layer of glossy accents. Fill with same colour of distress glitter to finish.

  Finally assemble all your elements to finish using strong double sided tape or foam tape to adhere to your base.

Tip: I ran out of the same colour of flowers to add a pop of colour to the centre of some of my lilies I used fired brick distress ink and painted it into the centre with a small brush. You could also spritz it with a bit of clean water which will allow the colour to run through your flower. So if you have white flowers and need to –co ordinate it with your project why not try colouring them with your distress inks.

Thank you to the Cape Town Trocrafts Team (Trodat South Africa) for kindly supplying all the scrapbook paper for this project and to Wisaal Hendricks my daughter for taking my photographs.

and so we come to an end of a marathon post...LOL... I hope you will find my instructions detailed enough to attempt this project... it truly is a treasured memory for display.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any assistance or have any questions wrt completing this project.

until we next meet....

Remember to....

Keep it Krafty

much hugz and love

Shamela :-)



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