Saturday, December 22, 2012

Quick Christmas cards

Hello everyone

I trust you are all having a wonderful holiday thus Cape Town we have had some gloriously hot, hot summer days and time in the pool has been often....for me thats a record, cause i have to reach boiling point before i actually venture into the

As dear mum..Who by the way thinks it takes all of 5 minutes to make a my this morning for 4 Xmas know her neighbours look forward to getting them each year and yet she always waits for a few days before the big day to ask me for them...go figure... are 4 quick cards made with stash that was ready and available on my work desk.

Have a splendid holiday season, keep safe and enjoy.


Shamela :-)


  1. love fave is the second last one with the stunning die cut and the embossing with the 2 Christmas balls.

    1. Hi Belinda

      i loved that one too.. although I wasnt particularly inspired when I made these... just worked with what was on the desk...

      at least the recipients loved their cards...

      happy new year to you and the family.. .hope you have a wonderfully successful year ahead


  2. Replies
    1. Hello Rita... thanks so much for your kind comments... sorry.. its been hectic on my side getting organised for the new year... so havent been checking my emails regularly :-( ... things are finally starting to look better... getting organised is hard work.. especially if you have loads of

      happy new year...


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