Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Vagabond has arrived!!!! can't wait to play!

Hello all.... well... one of my customers Jo... told me about the Vagabond... after googling it... and watching Tim in action with it... I had to have one... Why is it that South Africans always have to wait in line for new's been out in the States forever.... and only just landed in South Africa.....LOL... anyway... it comes wonderfully wrapped in the most divine box... and is really snugly packed..

top view of the gorgeous box in which the vagabond is packed!!

Side View of the box... resembling a well travelled suit case.

Last 2 Vagabonds waiting for collection....

Here it is.... my very own one... they are retailing in SA for about R2400,00 to R2500,00 but with the aches and pains in my arms after cuttle bugging and wizarding ... it is going to be refreshing to press a button.....sound effortless... it is!!

I stuck my stickers on immediately.... no thought... just stuck em on!! it still looks planned though... sometimes my need to have everything straight still comes thru... ;p)

Open view - this is a well constructed solid piece of machinery and fairly heavy..... The only downside for those who are into the 12 x 12 sized pages.. is that it is limited with size... but for my needs cards, invitations, embellishments & mats for my scrap serves the purpose beautifully.

I tried to load a small mpeg just so you can see how smoothly the machine runs.. but alas not to be... it would not load.... not sure what I am doing wrong...

Please feel free to pop in and check out my Vagabond... you are welcome to mail me or call

Tx for popping by... life is slowly getting back to normal... bib brother was visiting from the UK... but that's another story... LOL.... he has gone back home... so we can play once again ;p)

shamela ;p)


  1. OOO you lucky girl - there's gonna be no stopping you now!

  2. That looks very interesting .
    cant wait to see it at work
    Happy Mothers Day


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