Thursday, July 1, 2010

and this is what the little people came up with.....

I have always found working with children expands my horizons..they have such a fresh way of looking at life and have no inhibitions.... I do love teaching my classes because even though I am there to teach, help and guide them, I enjoy allowing them the freedom to choose their own colors, inks, stamps and titles for their scrapbook pages and cards..... do take a look at the color combinations and ideas they came up with... the basic sketch was a guideline, the the rest were all theirs.....mummy's are gonna have to go out and buy picture frames for these beauties.... not too bad for first time scrappers ;p)


  1. your shop looks LOVELY and it seems as if everyone had a fabulous time!! well done!!

  2. thanks Cariena... its alot smaller than your space... but I just love it!!


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