Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another blog Award - Thanks Debbie Harris ;p)

Debbie Has awarded me with another Award... thanks Debbie.. for thinking of  me... I have been so busy these last few weeks... since our wonderful new addition arrived... that it has left me little time to even think of blogging or stamping... I am starting to have withdrawal symptoms... thankfully little Aqeel is getting into a routine so his mummy can spend more time with little sister Azrah... who is celebrating her 2nd birthday on Friday.... and the terrible 2's has already started.. LOL...

for some reason or other .. I am unable to copy and paste or even load Debbie's award picture... go figure.. I am clueless.. but anyway.. I'll still share 10 things about me

1.  I am totally freaked out by snakes... I cant even look at a picture of them. all that slithering gives me the creeps...

2.  I am trying to get organised for 2010... but it seems like such a long haul

3.  my craft desk is only eva neat n tidy for 2seconds...dittto for the dining room table (much 2 my husbands dismay)

4.  I abhor dishonesty.... don't take what doesnt belong to u.

5.  I only like 2 swim in warm water...30 +++ degrees....

6.  my hair is quite long....hangs down the centre of my back n full of grey streaks..

7.  I am a qualified estate agent had my own agency for 5 yrs... too cut throat 4 me too much back stabbing I prefer the sedate activity of crafting...

8.  i love being at home ... i prefer 2 b  home to being on the road

9.  Favourite travel destination - Thailand... been a few times.. and just longing to return...the people are just so friendly

10 . I am blessed in the fact that both my parents are still alive.... Dad aged 71 and mum aged 66 - for this i am truly thankful.

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