CL303 high heels R140.00 per set

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CL 158 cupcakes R140.00 each
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*TIP* create a lovely set of cards for a perfectly hand made gift from the heart 
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CL388 Cuckoo R140.00 each
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CL349 world dolls R130.00 per set
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Great Idea for your nestabilities

CL325 Paris R140.00 each now sold out please place orderfor card ideas below and supplies visit Hero Arts.com

CL374 Big and small flowers R140.00 each
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CL184 thoughtful messages R140.00 each
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CL290 printed flowers R140.00 each
see ideas below

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CL156 treasure the moments R140.00 
one of my all time favourite word sets. 

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CL 400 Exotic Decor R140.00 per set

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CL427 Antique engravings R140.00 each
these really pop on your card!
see idea below

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CL434 Just find me R140.00 each
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CL375 Big flower patterns R140.00 each
this set is soo great for scrappers... imagine the backgrounds and foregrounds you can create with this one!

wouldn't this make a great picture frame?
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CL 352 BABY R135.00 Set

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CL399 Animal Prints R140.00 each

CL281 Whimsical Frames R140.00 each

This set would also be just perfect for a scrapper.
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CL386 Stencil Art R135.00 each

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CL401 Speckled ornaments R135.00 each

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CL339 Chinese Dolls R140.00 each

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